A Problem Worth Solving

Charlotte is ready for this. The world is ready for this.

Two Worlds That Need Each Other

Nightlife Businesses

In Mecklenburg county alone, this is a $2.6 Billion industry, so why is nightlife marketing still stuck in the 20th century? Guys – Bars, Breweries, Pubs and Clubs are still resorting to simple social media posts, radio ads, and even bathroom flyers.

These nightlife businesses sorely need a technology counterpunch to all the applications in our life that create all the convenience in the world for us to stay home, order in and binge the next episode.

Charlotte Patrons

We took to the streets of Charlotte and surveyed 500 patrons, and we asked them about the most frustrating element of their nightlife experience? The overwhelming majority offered a consistent message that validated our hypothesis.

They eco’d that when it comes to gathering the information as to where to go out and when to go out, they expressed, what they need is relevant, “right now” information they can rely on.

They went on to say, the current sites all have the same stale information. The same images of plates of food, cocktails, empty seats, and reviews from strangers left weeks ago… and it’s simply not good enough.

Charlotte Is The Perfect Place To Start

As one of the fastest growing markets in the country, the Queen City really does have so much to offer a very transplanted population. However, between the new residents and fresh bars popping up seemingly every week, Charlotte’s social scene often feels like the blind is leading the blind. It’s about time for a guiding light to help us make more informed decisions. Whether you use BarSkout to lead your friends to the perfect place, or it’s simply used to kill the FOMO, BarSkout gives you the power to make the most informed decisions for how you spend your valuable evening hours.