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Curate your ideal eventing to maximize the likelihood of a fun night out every time. Use BarSkout for the most reliable information and take the guesswork out of your night.

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 Live Charlotte NC Best Bars Skout Cameras

We understand that your privacy is important. The last thing we all want is to be identified on a video feed when we’re getting our drink on. To that end, BarSkout cameras are installed with an external lens cover that creates a blurred rendering so that it shows off the movement of a bar, while at the same time, no one can be identified. What happens in our bars, stays in our bars.


A Scene For Every Mood
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The Map Function

When traveling on foot or scooter, proximity to the bars around you make a difference. Use the map function to find the bars closest to you. The filter can be used to narrow your search and find the different categories of bars you’re interested in. Go ahead Charlotte – “hopp” confidently.

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How It Works

It’s all about the Skout Tokens. In order to see our blurry, live feed inside the bar of your choice, you have to first exchange a Skout Token for that access. Now, there are 2 easy ways to get these tokens. If you’re a free user, you’ll get your tokens as soon as you’ve liked that specific bar on Facebook. As long as you keep liking that bar, you’ll receive a 2 token allowance to see Skout inside every week. After the first week of participation, you’ll get your token allowance awarded to you every Wednesday afternoon. Now if you don’t want to jump through the social media hoops, go premium for only $6.99 a month. For the cost of a single beer at your first bar, you’ll get 50 Master Skout tokens that give you access to any BarSkout bar of your choice. Use the premium membership to lead your friends with confidence, to kill your FOMO forever and to receive a number of premium perks only awarded to our Premium members.

Free Users

Earn Skout Tokens by engaging with specific bars on social media.

Premium Users

Buy 50 Master Tokens. Your golden tickets to SKout any bar, anytime.

BarSkout Starts Here in Charlotte

As one of the fastest growing markets in the country, the Queen City really does have so much to offer a very transplanted population. However, between the new residents and fresh bars popping up seemingly every week, Charlotte’s social scene often feels like the blind is leading the blind. It’s about time for a guiding light to help us make more informed decisions. Whether you use Barskout to lead your friends to the perfect place, or it’s simply used to kill the FOMO, BarSkout gives you the power to make the most informed decisions for how you spend your valuable evening hours.

It’s BarSkout’s mission to connect patrons with enjoyable, authentic experiences. We exist to provide today’s consumers with rich, accurate information for Charlotte’s nightlife. BarSkout is different because we deliver dual value. Our technology connects modern consumers to the experience they desire while offering the Charlotte’s hospitality industry with a better way to increase their audience engagement. We hear you Charlotte, BarSkout is your solution.

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